Fabrica Moderna is a privately owned company based in Lithuania (EU). Our company is a producer of computer cleaning products, hand-cleaning wipes and disinfection wipes.

Our main business is private label products. We sell into 15 countries and enjoy 95% Export Sales.

Within Fabrica Moderna we have different production lines to produce different kinds of Cleaning Computer Products such as sets for computers and electronic devices, wet wipes for plastic/TV/LED and many others.

Our Cleaning sprays and wipes are perfect for delicate and efficient cleaning dust, dirt and fingerprints from the surface of the computer screen and don’t leave streaks or fibers. They have prolonged anti-static effect that prevents fast dusting of the cleaned surface and disinfects it.

Our second main direction of activity is producing different kinds of wipes in a variety of canisters, bottles, aerosols, hand-cleaning products and disinfection products.

In this case the main product range is wet cleaning wipes with dual textured abrasive surfaces and advanced liquid formulas. These wipes are ideal for removing dirt, oil, ink, lubricant, paint, heavy grease, adhesive, tar, wax and many other contaminants, which can be difficult to remove (for example coal dust, graphite, grass stains, etc.).