Smart Cleaners
for electronic devices

Your smartphone is your social life, your workplace and your entertainment all in one. It goes with you into subways, public bathrooms and gyms, even to bed, and then spends most of its time close to your ears, nose and mouth.

Scientists tested random mobile phones and found abnormally high numbers of bacteria that can result in many diseases. The statistics are gross: Touch screens carry 18 times the amount of bacteria as a toilet handle in a men’s public bathroom, and up to 30% of viruses that get you sick can jump from fingers to the surface of your phone.

“People are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from handles of the bathroom”

Dr. Cain of the American Academy of Family Physicians

Could your tech be dirtier than a toilet seat?

Some cleaners work better than others at disinfecting, but some can actually damage your smart device.
Still, peruse an Apple store or a Best Buy, and the computer screen cleaners look like regular old household cleaning products.

Company representatives for the Android, BlackBerry and iPhone smartphones all said that they don’t have particular brands to recommend for cleaning.